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Career Opportunities at Schneider Electric

Our aspiration as an employer is unequivocal: to be the company of choice for those who work for us and for potential employees. At Schneider Electric, we are committed to giving our employees an engaging work environment — one that inspires, supports, and rewards their efforts. We believe our company can perform better when people and ideas are empowered in a collaborative workplace.

We are looking for people who can “Make the most of their Energy”.

Join the Go Green in the City challenge and live your values through your work and innovate for an energy-efficient world.

Internship Possibilities

Our internships provide networking opportunities, hands-on experience and references that could jumpstart your career! If selected for this unique opportunity, Schneider Electric will expose you to multiple facets of the international business world as you work with individuals from various backgrounds and develop a strong foundation for a successful career.

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Student Testimonials

“The energy dilemma is one of the greatest challenges in the world. I believe that every person in the world can make a baby step towards a more sustainable future. Thanks to Go Green in the City, people can share their ideas, receive the professional help from mentors and present their project in front of the executive managers. This competition is a part of the learning process; I loved the passion, when students created new ideas about how to live “green”. The best part of the challenge was Schneider Electric’s great hospitality in the beautiful “city of lights” and the possibility to meet people from around the world.

Schneider Electric helps to open new ways for a better future.”

Anita Kociemba, Finalist 2012 and currently working as an Energy Leaders Education Program Specialist at Schneider Electric in Poland

"If you have ever dreamt of living a day like a superstar with cameras zooming on everything you do, visiting arguably the most beautiful city in VIP style and presenting your idea to some of the top executives of the business, you need to Go Green in the City. So start small and dream big!"

Debdeep Panigrahi, Finalist 2012 and currently working as a Project Leader at Schneider Electric in France

“When I first heard about the challenge, I was caught to the idea of a simple and ordinary competition. After my experiences, both as competitor and organization partner, I could realize that Go Green in the City is a watershed event which pulls students into the most rich and valuable international experience. Following my entrance into the Schneider’s workforce I can also tell that it isn’t just an employer, but a company that cares about people and seeks to bring the best values to their lives.
In other words, for me, Schneider and Go Green represents more than just an experience, is a never-ending journey that translates into new opportunities cycle and a priceless cultural and professional edification.”

Igor Soares, Winner of 2012 and currently working as a Project Manager at Schneider Electric in Brazil


Go Green in the City’s mentorship phase for competitors who advance to the semi-finals is not only a unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise of Schneider Electric employees but also to gain insight into our corporate culture and extend your professional network.

Here is what former participants say about the GGitC 2013 mentorship:

“If I would use one word to define the mentorship process, it would be excellent.”

“One of the best people I have ever interacted with on a professional level.”

“Prior to this competition I had not seriously considered SE as a potential employer fit for me. But after the whole experience with the competition, I have changed my mind. And 99% of the credit for my change of mind goes to my mentor!”

Watch the video to learn more

Watch the video on Vimeo

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