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Smart Cities

In less than 40 years, 70% of the world’s population will reside in our cities. This rapid migration will push both current and future urban centres to their seams and expand industrial and residential infrastructures beyond their breaking points.

Cities face huge challenges: congestion, pollution, blackouts, crime, debt, and rising costs - while competing with each other for investment, jobs, and talents.

The growth and its challenges raises important questions that must be considered by cities around the world. Can this growth be done in a sustainable way?

With the movement towards smart cities, the urban centres we live in can become more efficient, livable, and sustainable in both the short and long term.

Every city can become smarter. Smart cities start with smart systems, working for the benefit of both residents and the environment. Electric grids, gas distribution systems, water distribution systems, public and private transportation systems, commercial buildings, hospitals, homes — these form the backbone of the city’s efficiency, livability, and sustainability. It is the improvement and integration of these critical city systems — done in a step-by-step manner — that become the cornerstones to making a smart city a reality. Read more about our Smart Cities projects around the world!

In Go Green in the City 2014 you have the opportunity to learn more about smarter cities by completing the five missions. Each mission revolves around one of the key areas within the Smart City concept: Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Buildings, Smart Mobility, and Smart Cities.

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